Train Works

Established in 2009 Train Works came to life! Train Works is a family owned and operated company. Each train is handcrafted and built from solid metal frame and body, made to order with attention to detail.  Train works had a problem all successful business’s face, the need to keep up with orders.  The solution was two fold. 1. Create an easy to use website so clients have a clear idea for the products and services provided by Train Works as a leading manufacturer. 2.  Build and optimize an administrative process that will help with order fulfillment and client satisfaction.  Today Train Works continues to grow its online presence and is a world leader in model trains.


Carousels – Trackless Trains | Heritage Amusement Rides

At Heritage Amusements our goal is to create a joyous, memorable experience for our customers and your mall patrons. With over 20 years experience, Heritage Amusements knows how to effectively manage fast installation and ongoing maintenance.  Meeting with the team at Heritage amusements we new right away we needed to help make his online vision come to life.  We wanted to help create an experience for the client that would entice them to learn more.


Bolt Party Bus

The story about Bolt Party Bus is a short one. The founder went on a party bus and noticed there was room for improvement in the party bus industry.  Combining passion and dedication to hospitality it was a clear combination that has led to continued memories.  Brian came to us with a need that wasn’t being fulfilled other places.  We sat down learned his objectives and piece by piece helped to create his vision and continued online success.